The Daffodil affect

I may have managed to escape the coronavirus thus far however I have had a some what of a dramatic last couple of weeks in lock-down. I say that because I managed to break my phone which was my only source to the outside world and may I add my sanity. I also locked myself out my flat and to get back in meant I had to rein-act a deleted scene from Spiderman, I climbed my building with the aid of a wheelie bin and a hungover haze of self assurance, shimmy along a slated pitch roof and squeeze my fat lock-down ass through the kitchen window. I must say a small feeling of triumph waved over me something I have missed as it the only thing I've achieved in a month now, even though I grazed my knee, lost a nail and did my spider girl routine in a summery T-shirt dress, you can imagine the horrible images. However, it could be worse right?! What worries me the most is bad things come in three's so goodness knows what awaits me next week, maybe I'll get eaten alive by a tiger or more likely by the midges in my garden. I hope your all good and making it through this ever changing world that we are all just surviving in just now, I've lost track of days, my calorie consumption is through the roof and my wine in take has already hit my limit for the full year of 2020 and its only April?! I started off this lock-down full of motivation and energy and I'm slowly crumbling and missing purpose and structure to my days. I actually crave moaning customers, morning bus journeys, that precious 45 minutes in a cramped over crowded bus where I get to sit and listen to music and dream of better things, bosses pressuring me for results, I don't care any more I need pressure, I want pressure, I need something just now, anything. So I did exactly that, instead of moaning and allowing myself to drift into a lock-down coma I agreed to different projects, one of which was to write a poem for a local campaign helping those who suffer with loneliness and isolation during this time. I would be lying if I said I wasn't terrified as I'm certainly not a poet I'm not even writer, yes I manage the basics on this blog, I struggle by with my higher B for English and the business degree I 'wung' but I have to admit I'm a self confessed illiterate twit. I constantly get ridiculed for my continuous misuse of the word 'to' and 'too' and I still struggle with the variations of 'there'. However I am learning and with this limited confidence I tackled my first poem with no clue where to start, I sat at the computer with a coffee and a bar of chocolate, standard poem writing equipment and looked a blank open white document on my computer screen for a good couple of hours. The regret grew palpable, I had agreed to do this, I had made someone a promise and here I was about to let them down as I had no idea how to consolidate the emotions of what I wanted to say in a coherent and literate poem package. So I went for a walk to clear my head, listened to the Eagles and hoped inspiration would fall at my footsteps and thankfully it did when I saw a beautiful church garden covered in vibrant, strong and hopeful daffodils. There they were standing upright, unashamedly confident in a sea of green safe in the knowledge they were enhancing the space with such beauty and genuine positivity and it immediately made me think of my favourite song, the one I sing to Jace all the time, 'You are my Sunshine'. These beautiful flowers were bringing sunshine to everyone lucky enough to walk by them and that's what I needed to bring to those not able to see it, so I stopped worrying about what I thought a poem looked like and allowed the poem to blossom in my head just like the daffodils I was entranced by. I rushed home franticly and within 20minutes of my lockdown ass crashing on my computer chair I had wrote my first ever poem, a small triumph for a girl who still struggles with her 'toos' and her 'there's'.

You are my Sunshine.

When I don't have a reason to smile, you make me think of happier times, you are my sunshine.

When I feel alone, you remind me of all the people that love me, you are my sunshine.

When I feel a tear trickle down my cheek, you get me a tissue and gently smooth it away, you are my sunshine.

When I'm feeling Ill and drained, you lift me up and make me better again, you are my sunshine.

When I feel scared and vulnerable, you give me strength and assurance, you are my sunshine.

When I feel lost and without direction, you gently guide me to the right path, you are my sunshine.

When I look in the mirror and only see ugly, you remind me of my beauty, you are my sunshine.

When I make a mistake and feel guilty, you tell me it's a lesson learned, you are my sunshine.

Who is that sunshine, that sunshine is me.

So as I said, things come in three's so pray for me next week because who knows what lockdown catastrophe awaits, you can at least be comforted in the knowledge you'll hear all about it. Peace and Love. LMac

Quantum of Solace 

It was either go for a nap or be semi productive and pull out my laptop and blog, I decided to go with the latter and get my lazy ass doing something positive. Am I the only one being more lazy in lock down than any other time? I have all these hours on my hands and I'm not doing those little jobs I would often be known to say that I will do when we are all forced into our homes for a lockdown by the government and World Health Organisation because a world wide viral pandemic basically takes over the universe. Just me then? I have loads of space in my diary to put up that blind that's been cluttering up my bedroom for nearly 6 months now yet I still haven't bothered nor have I cleaned my oven that looks like the pits of hell at the moment. However its not a complete bust and I have sewed a range of vegetable seeds that are currently germinating on my kitchen window sill, planted some beautiful flowers in my small but cute garden, went through all of my lounge wear entertaining myself with hourly costume changes and exhausted my Friends, James Bond and Only Fools and Horses box sets... TWICE. Oh and I managed to navigate myself through a mine field of technology and join both my co hosts from Off Grid Sounds Podcast and record it from the comfort of my own living room wearing my very fetching pink onesie. Could be the future for us especially if I get to record it chocolate bar in hand, chocolate stain on my fetching pink onesie and absolutely no one there to judge me. Do you have any advice on how to fill my time other than that, get in touch it would be greatly appreciated. I don't know about you but have the singletons out there been contemplating texting their Ex? Eek! Suddenly their annoying snoring, their lack of sensitivity or their inability to understand the abstract noun of honesty is like... 'well, come no ones perfect Laura?!' Well, the answer is simple, step away from the phone! I mean it people we must not let this new irrational world make us equally irrational and well, brain dead. Their snoring , insensitivity and porky pies will all still be their virus or no virus. Remain strong and use this time to be selfish, focusing on your needs and do things for YOU such as pamper yourself, over indulge in good food, drink wine, (well anything alcoholic) watch box sets that educate you, get out and take walks and breathe in the fresh air and be happy just being YOU. Because lets face it after all this, lock down will end and you could meet the person of your dreams, be married within the year, child on the way and not have enough time for one glass of wine never mind the bottle. To all the readers in relationships, how are you coping, I am really interested in how you are fairing spending so much time together. Locked up with your better half 24hours a day, I mean is anyone's house big enough for that? It is quite true what they say, there is either going to be a mass baby boom or a waterfall of divorces come July. I honestly think you could lock me up with Ryan Gosling and I would still only last a few days before I wanted to trade him for Jamie Dornan then Daniel Craig then Tom Hardy... you get the point. Our lives might not be that exciting just now but we have to be thankful for what we have and prey for those who are suffering at the evil hands of this virus. All we have to do is simply stay at home with the people we love, its not to much to ask of us all. I decided to call this blog 'Quantum of Solace' inspired by Mr Bond himself which simply means a small amount of something and the desire to give comfort or consolidation to another human being and how true is that just now. Our lives have become more humble and modest but we have the ability to reach out to each other and provide comfort, support and kindess. LMac

my New inside out world

I am currently sitting with my laptop in hand with a mug of coffee, bar of chocolate, a restless pup and Spotify blasting out the new album from Biffy Clyro which is amazing for the record, if I am to self isolate then I'm doing it in true Laura Mac style. How are we doing?  I hope your doing OK I really do, sending sincere positive vibes to the world just now.  These are crazy times but I have spent the last week stressed out my head worrying about, well everything, from my family and friends health, my work, selfishly my own health and how I will cope if they decide to ration wine, I am sure you understand my concern people!  However I have a feeling that we may be in this for the long haul so lets TRY not to focus on what awaits us and distract ourselves in an alternative social media crazy reality where the irrational becomes rational as I think that's the only thing that will get us through these testing times and could become the new norm.

I don't know about you but I seem to be addicted to social media at the minute, I honestly cannot focus on anything else, I've tried films, new boxsets, Netflix but I just cannot seem to go any length of time without picking up my phone and checking in on the world and you know what it is not healthy.  Therefore I am catching back up with my blogging during this time and it will hopefully be the thing that keeps me sane, well as sane as I can be lets be honest.  This time though I'm chatting to you in the hope you will also communicate back, these are lonely times and especially for us that have to isolate alone so please if your reading this get in touch, even if just for a chat, a joke (even bad ones which are my forte), anything at all, we are all here for each other.

 I know I haven't blogged in a while but to be honest life has got in the way, I had such a busy time from November last year and I just haven't had a chance to touch base with this blog so apologies. However I have been busy with fabulous trips to Paris, socialising with my amazing friends, few dates here and there (all fails) and spending quality time with family. Right now I am self isolating for 7 days as I've had a sore throat and cough since Saturday, don't worry it hasn't came to anything serious and hopefully wont, just a slight concern for me as I'm asthmatic.  So as you can imagine just a girl and her dog, I have become pretty bored and my selfies are slowly getting out of control (real world problems) so at present I am trying to come up with things to do to keep me busy and maybe they could work for you too.  Although selfies are still important.

1. Cooking is definitely on my list, mainly because I enjoy eating.🤷‍♀️  It is filling a couple of hours during the day with planning, preparing and cooking dishes not only my dinner but also being more creative and healthy with my lunches.  Working away in your kitchen will fill a few hours in your quiet day and your taste buds get to enjoy all the hard work and effort making those meals extra tasty.

My delicious Sausage Casserole.

2. In fear of sounding like every Instagram post you see right now of fabulous looking people looking far to good in Lycra, working out is something I need in my life.  By this I don't mean hard core training but rather a short walk in any area you have close to your house remembering of course social distancing advice of 2 meters, is all you need for your body but most importantly your mental health.  Often I will walk the 3 minuets from my front door to the beach and stroll along the sands listening to a faviourite album and just escape the world for a bit which I really do think is a healthy thing to do, especially in these times.

3. Now Monty is back on our screens in Gardeners World it will give you all the inspiration and gardening tips you might need to help get your garden summer ready and a place you can spend relaxing times in deep in the knowledge that your safe and protecting others.  It was the first thing I did when all this began, I went and bought some plants with plenty of colour to cheer me up and gave my garden some much needed TLC.  It is now sitting pretty and I often spend time pottering about, drinking coffee and watching Jace explore, providing me with an escape from the compounds of my house.  Creating these areas of beauty and safety are even more important in these times so lets make the best of what we have, I mean there's only so much chocolate and cups of tea we can eat and drink, right?!

4. Although we are all having to change our lives, and rightly so in my opinion as it can save lives think of your hobbies and ways in which you can adapt them so you can still continue to enjoy them but ensuring you are still within the protective guidelines set out by the government.  Normally I would record Off Grid Sounds podcast with my 2 co presenters in a studio however we have had to adapt this to ensure our safety therefore our creative producer came up with a method to remote record from each of our homes.  These little parts of our lives that keep us in a routine and give us a sense of normality will be really important over the coming weeks and months so if you don't have a hobby, I'd say get one and if you do have one work out how you can keep it whilst ensuring your safety.

5. Another suggestion I would have to keep you productive and might even make you a few bucks on the side is having a clear out of all those unwanted clothes. (Also clothes that don't fit over your ever expanding 30 year old bottom #truestory)  If you are anything like me I have so many clothes I could single-handedly dress the nation from my wardrobe, its verging on the ridiculous so I have picked some items that I no doubt bought in haste and some still having the labels attached and decided to sell them online.  Now obviously during this time Mrs Bloggs is looking for a slinky, sexy, 'knock the average bloke off his feet' black Topshop dress so maybe be a bit picky with what you sell but it's a few extra quid, it keeps you busy and off social media doom and gloom and it clears room for more dresses you wont actually wear when normality returns. Winner winner chicken dinner! :)

6. Catching up with friends is also something you can give that bit more attention to.  I rarely get a chance to chat to a lot of my friends from different times and area's of my life and I'm very guilty of bumping into someone I haven't seen in ages and saying “we need to meet up, I'll message you” all the time knowing I won't, not because I don't want to but other priorities simply get in the way.  Well those priorities might as well be flung out the window and I personally have been using this time to reconnect with pals I haven't spoke to in a while, my messages are longer, more detailed allowing me to engage better, be more caring and really just be a better a friend.  This is something I am going to continue going forward by ensuring I make more quality time for those important to me.

7. Finally my saving grace is music, it is my most faviourite thing in the world and whether its recording the OFF GRID sounds podcast and discovering great new music, listening to old vinyl classics on my record player or simply dancing to Spotify in the shower, music has the ability to identify with our mood, keep us comforted and most importantly means we are never alone.  

Over the next little while I will be attempting to bring as much positivity as possible and will check in with you with what I've been up to so feel free to give me advice to, it would be much appreciated.

I have to be honest and say I am scared about what the next few weeks and months have in store for us all and god knows if anything this proves we are all equal and human.  Things that have divided some in the past such as skin colour, gender, sexuality, nationality hold no meaning, and if anything hopefully this will help towards eradicating some of these destructive and damaging beliefs that exist in societies across the world.  We have the opportunity and ability to use these times of fear and crisis to make ourselves better humans, more empathetic, kinder, more loving so lets do just that.  I know I will.  LMac

P.s I will be blogging more often so check in either on Instagram or Facebook and feel free to get in touch and let me know how your getting on.  Stay safe peeps! x

Snuggles with Jace.

Walks along the beach.

Selfies always important.😜

Gardening and cups of tea.

Create safe and pleasant spaces.

Walks on the beach.

Bit of This and a bit of That. 

I feel I should start with yes, I am alive!!  I have the audacity to call myself a blogger though I post so sporadically however my excuses are, I'm either just to busy or I'm actually busy doing nothing at all, whatever it may be I'll only say something if it's actually interesting to read. (Not even that sometimes)

Life is still basically the same if I'm honest, I'm still blagging my way through the podcast, I'm still addicted to Spotify, I'm still in the same low paid (but rewarding) job I was in before and I'm still eternally single.  One exciting highlight of the last month is I booked myself I little getaway to Paris for the end of my birthday month, let's call it a present to myself.  I have been holding off booking Paris as I had this sentimental and optimistic notion I'd go there with my 'true love', walk hand in hand through the streets of Paris, eating croissants and sight seeing through the day, then getting tipsy on red wine in beautiful French restaurants at night.  I know, I watch to many chick flicks!  However, all of the above will still be the case it'll just be me holding my camera and instead of a table for 2, in-fact for 1.  So it may not be my fairytale, however I know I'm going to have an amazing trip, I mean how could I not, it's Paris the home of love, if you don't fall in love in Paris you fall in love with it, at the very least.  I have already started planning my days and friends have been great at giving me advice on the best places to visit so my travel planner is shaping up to be full of amazing experiences and memories to be made.  So aside from booking my next little adventure I have also been on holiday for a week, well I say a holiday, we can call it 'down time' and I really needed it.  You know when you feel as if your head is just full of 'stuff', I say stuff as it's all nonessential 'stuff' but when your working constantly and have a busy calendar it's hard to empty all the pointless 'stuff' from your head.  Therefore I purposely didn't fill my diary and kept plenty of days for just me and it has really chilled me out and I feel so much better for it. Ps. What a great word 'Stuff' is!

It's been a bit of a stressful time and if you were my mum you'd say I was burning the candle at both ends.  I love to be kept busy and constantly making memories but sometimes I definitely over do it and I just go through spells I take myself away, re-group and come back stronger.  Does that make me weird?  I don't know it's just my way and I find it works for me.  Sometimes life can just get a bit much for my little head and I retreat to the sanctuary of my home and family and I know how lucky I am to always have that option.  I feel I have to say that I'm not unhappy, not in the slightest!   I'm really beginning to feel settled within myself and an appreciation of who I am, flaws in all, I mean it's only taken me 32 years. (Nearly 33years) After my last blog a good friend messaged me asking if I was ok, he felt there was an under current of unhappiness in my last blog entry and I guess it really made me think and take time out.  I don't think I even realised I was letting stress get to me until that kind and lovely friend sent that message after re reading the blog in question, on reflection I feel he was right.  I guess I was annoyed with myself I had let that side of me show, I am an extremely positive person because I simply won't allow negativity in my head. However with that comes self inflicted pressure to always be that positive person, always be carefree, fun loving, cracking (bad) jokes, laughing, giggly Laura and it's just not realistic and that's what at the age of 32, nearly 33 I'm beginning to realise.  I'm not perfect, not even close I'm simply alive and living the best life I can.

I've called this blog a bit of this and that as it's completely mixed, probably because that's been the last month or so.  I've had some great nights out with friends, I've met someone I began to care for and lost them again and I've had some of the best times with family and my little dog Jace and you know what I don't regret a thing.

Going back to the most important, family, if you follow me on social media you'll see I have family up North and I rarely get to see them which really is tough especially when I have young nieces and I miss things like them walking, talking, first days at nursery and just general little things that they develope as they grow into 2 little people.  So as you can imagine when I get a chance to visit, I treasure every moment I get with them.

The bus journey up was as idyllic as always, rain or shine where the green hits the colour of the water, there is nothing quite as special as it is in Scotland.  Loch Lomond has to be my most favourite place in the world, from the days of having fish and chips with my family by the loch side to the adventure breaks jet skiing with the kind of bravery only a teenager holds, it has been an integral place in my life since I was young.  So although I hate being so far away from my brother and his family, the positive is I have the motivation to travel through this beautiful part of Scotland to get to them.  The destination isn't bad either, Mallaig where my brother resides is simply stunning and feels like the end of the road, because well it literally is!  No I'm being serious you can't go any further unless you fancy a swim over to Skye. (Love Skye but not that much)  I rarely get phone signal and it's so quiet and friendly you really feel you've escaped the world for a while and me being me I just love that.  I don't really like to say to much about my nieces as they are deeply private and important to me and they are not my children but what I will say is that they are 2 beautiful loving, talented and capable little humans and I have no doubt they will grow up exhibiting these same characteristics later in life. Love isn't strong enough.❤️

Loch Lomond, Scotland

This was the view from the bus on the road towards Fort William. If only cost £19.50 to buy a single ticket from Glasgow to Fort William! Bargain!! I definitely recommend travelling by bus it's far quicker and in my opinion, more comfortable. Video Credits Chatterblogg

Camusdarach Beach Scotland

My most favourite place in the world where I have made countless memories with my family. I can not recommend visiting this place more as you will see Scotland at its most glorious and best!! A MUST VISIT! Video Credits Chatterblogg.


One thing that makes it hard to leave them isn't just the fact that I miss them to bits, but it's that I leave feeling as broody as hell!!  I know, I know, as girls we are told to never admit such a thing or at the very least say out loud, on reading this a man will run a mile... blah blah blah.  However can I add, I could have been settled by now if I had wanted to but through choice no one has really come up a good enough match for me.  However with that annoying optimism of mine comes the fact I haven't had the chance to have children and that is definitely something that as I get older graduates from being unimportant to a thought that occupies my mind more and more.  Can I accept possibly never having children as I hold out for 'Mr Right' (you'll notice I said Mr Right and not Mr Perfect) or do I just settle for someone 'good enough' and get the family I hope for...  This last month really has put a spotlight on this matter for me and where my life is heading.  It is with out a doubt been highlighted by a relationship I recently had with a man I grew to really care for.  As usual my heart ruled my head, well that's just an excuse really isn't it, blaming your heart to justify your passions.  I threw caution to the wind and got blown away not in a good way, more like that cow in the Twister movie! Moo! Poor cow!  

So again I reflect on my behaviour, where I went wrong, if at all, come up with the same conclusions as I always do and promise myself I'll never let my heart rule my head again and no doubt I'll be writing this same spiel next year. (Nearly 34 years old)  On a serious note though, I really have considered changing myself to avoid this heart ache however I have come to this conclusion, that I simply don't want to change.  I am a loving, kind, generous, passionate woman so why should I change these, what I consider as my best characteristics, just to exist in this world.  The result I come to with the little sense I have, tells me I shouldn't have to.  Probably more horrifyingly, I genuinely don't think even if I wanted to I could change.  It would be like wearing bowling shoes, they may be necessary and practical in their environment however no matter what outfit you wear they just don't fit and look odd.  Well that would be me, I'd just not fit and I'd look even odder!  So woman, girls, boys, men whoever may be reading this and bored out their minds stay true to who you are and don't let the behaviour of others affect your own person, keep confidence in yourself, be your kind soft self and thrust insecurities away like you should with those bowling shoes.

So in a self gratifying conclusion to this blog I feel anxious I've opened up so much, happy I've kept it real, excited I've let you all know it's my birthday soon (nearly 33), mortified I've talked about my broodyness and ecstatic I've showed my support to burn all bowling shoes!  Like I said... bit of this and a bit of that! LMac 💋

Photo Credits Chatterblogg

Mallaig Harbour.

Photo Credits Chatterblogg.

Delicious seafood platter served at the Chlachain Inn Mallaig.

Photo Credits Chlachain Inn.

Many a fun memory in this Bar.

Photo Credits Chlachain Inn.

Chlachain Inn Mallaig.

Photo Credits Chlachain Inn.

A twin room at the Chlachain Inn Mallaig.

Photo Credits Chatterblogg.

Music for the Heart

When I started Chatterblogg I was determined to keep it real and honest no matter what happens in my life and that is exactly what I’ll always do.

Music really does heal the heart and last night as I painted a smile on my face for a couple of selfies I have never needed it more.  I attended Freckfest with my surrogate mum and dad, if you follow me on Facebook it’s basically my media dad and his lovely wife Mary, my 2nd family.  Ronnie suggested dinner before the gig so we grabbed some food at Duncan’s in Irvine and well, the less said about that the better shall we say.  However after a disappointing meal we made our way into Freckfest and took to our seats wine in hand and a hopefulness that I could escape the dramas, even if for just a few hours, of the week I had just lived.  To say it was an outstanding gig simply doesn’t do it justice. The 2 bands King of Birds and Blue Rose Code were simply devine and I have never seen 2 artists perform with such authenticity and genuine emotion. 

I follow King of Birds on Instagram and had heard a few of their tracks from borrowed vinyl off Ronnie however it doesn’t do this band justice, they were fantastic!  They took to the atmospheric stage of Freckfest very unassuming and almost awkwardly, then they started to play and from the first track I was a fan.  Formed back in 2014 I sat there in astonishment that this was the first time I was seeing them live as they are the epitome of my music taste, country rock at its best with a sincerity only the most talented can achieve.  Charlie and Stirling blew me away track after track, never blending into one or all sounding the same but with clear definition and probably some of the best storytelling I’ve ever heard.  For me personally “I hope we don’t fall in love” was my favourite however I could have said that about their entire set list.  No matter what your music taste is, I guarantee after seeing these 2 LIVE you will leave with a massive smile on your face and a new found love for a Stetson!!  Next King of Birds gig I attend I’ll be rocking my very own Stetson in honour of these talented lads although not sure I’ll pull it off quite as well as Charlie! YeeHaa!

King of Birds Freckfest Aug 2019 Photo Credits Chatterblogg

Charlie said Stirling from King of Birds Photo Credits Chatterblogg

Next up was Blue Rose Code, someone I am ashamed to say I had never heard of however I fell in love with this guy on the spot.  You can listen on whatever music app you may have and enjoy this chap however as his songs are so emotive he is an artist you simply must see LIVE to really appreciate how talented he is.  When Ross, AKA Blue Rose Code made his way to the mic I have to be honest and say I was more focused and horrified with his red cords, white socks and trainers combination he was rocking, setting my expectations at an all time for low for what was to follow!  What can I say once a fashionista always a fashionista!🤷‍♀️  However thankfully his song writing and performance were in a different league to his dress sense and I was mesmerised with Ross as he played his life in front of our eyes with no fear of judgement.  His loves, his sadness, highs and lows were there for us all to share in and I can genuinely say he made me feel happier for it.  Being the big softie I am I had tears streaming down my perfectly made up face as he sang a song about a past love, triggering emotion in me that he made it impossible to keep buried.  The Freckfest venue is so intimate and atmospheric with the added addition of Blue Rose Code you really are transported into another world of amazing music and a thankfulness that everyone in the room is getting to share in such a magical gig.  Ross couples genius storytelling bubbled wrapped in a blues, folk and jazzy sound to create some of the best new music I've heard in a while, he is someone I could listen to at any point and the perfect present for any music lover. When he sang "This is not a love song" I remember turning to Ronnie and saying why is this guy not massive?!  It is a brilliantly crafted piece of music as is all of Ross's songs and it's a gig I will never forget.  If you want to be transported out of your world for a while, listen to this guy, in fact get a ticket and go and see him, just don't judge him on his dress sense, I mean no one is perfect!😉

Blue Rose Code Freckfest Aug 2019 Photo Credits Chatterblogg

This week has been a week of reflection, love and sad endings.  It's been tough on my soft heart however one thing I have learned about myself is no matter what I face I'm strong enough to brave it and when you have music like last nights gig to nurse you through it all you will always find the light.


Unforgettable Freckfest Gig Photo Credits Chatterblogg

Unforgettable Freckfest Gig Photo Credits Chatterblogg

Unforgettable Freckfest Gig Photo Credits Chatterblogg

Quick Half Time Selfie

Feeling Pink

Just Say YES... Even To Modelling!

So when a little message popped up on my phone asking if I’d be interested in modelling needless to say I was equally intrigued and surprised.  Obviously someone had pulled out last minute and after a ring round of far more appropriate ladies they landed on me.  Mind you I’m not complaining and more than happy to be sloppy 2nds, this girl isn’t proud!  After a second's thought I agree and realise I have a week to look like Gigi Hadid... Ok, maybe I’m setting my sights slightly high however I did acknowledge I should definitely put down the biscuit I’m just about to dunk in my mid morning cuppa! Note to self, “Laura you must be strict!” On a more serious note I have made a decision that I’m going to say ‘Yes’ to more things and worry about it later.  Obviously there are boundaries to this, I mean I’m not completely mad but generally I’ll be saying ‘yes’, throwing away worry, anxiety, and procrastinating in an attempt to open up to more chances for adventures and life memories.

So back to the modelling, in actual fact and my astonishment I was first choice by Tamara, the lovely lady organising the shoot for a beautiful boutique in Kilmarnock called Rule 42.  I have to be honest and say I didn’t know this gem of a fashion store even existed however down the oldy worldy Bank Street of Kilmarnock it nestles itself unassumingly beside a coffee shop and across from a bar I have frequented quite a few times, so I was really surprised I am only noticing it for the first time.  When I walked in the first the first thing that hit me was how fresh and shiny new the shop was.  It is very simple in style and uncluttered with a feminine cuteness that radiates from the flowers hanging from the ceiling framing the back shop and fitting rooms to the beautiful light wooden floors that allow you to stroll with ease round the stunning clothes and accessories.  I am a sucker for fashion and style so for me I am in my element surrounded by such trendy and flattering designs for all occasions.  An added bonus is the owners mother and daughter duo Shellie and Teah, couldn’t have been more helpful or friendly and eased my anxiety within 5 minutes of meeting them.

Photo Credits Rule 42

During my awkward posing I had the chance to chat to both Teah and Shellie about the business and discovered the shop really is brand new and only opened just before Christmas 2018. However these 2 are not inexperienced business ladies and this is in fact shop number 2 for them as they also have a boutique in Glasgow that young entrepreneur Teah sent up at the tender age of 19! This natural love of fashion and wish to make woman feel at their most fabulous has clearly been decisive in their success, as just 3 years later they are opening another store. In my opinion I thoroughly recommend a visit to Rule 42 as it offers something so much more than all these larger chains of fast fashion stores churning out the same thing season after season, this boutique offers key pieces at a high street prices. Therefore you have the knowledge of knowing your not going to attend that party, lunch with friends or sashay down that red carpet, to the person next to you wearing the same thing as you.

My favourite item was the the ballerina black skirt which was my first outfit change, it was just so me, feminine with a grungy undertone that I could dress up or dress down dependent on how I wanted to wear it. The girls teamed it with a cute 'T' and tucked it in framing my waist nicely and the entire outfit was really comfortable but high fashion. 

I also had the pleasure to try on another 3 outfits which you can see some of below and I loved them all. 💜

In my experience I far prefer shopping in individual boutiques such as this, not only for the unique pieces in their collections but for the customer experience they provide in a smaller more intimate setting. I love chatting to the hosts adding to my joy of shopping, providing me with another opinion and well I just love a bit of banter so it's win win! Rule 42 is most definitely a shop for any age, it has young and trendy options for an aspiring fashionista however it also caters for the classic woman with simple cuts and everyday glamour. I cannot recommend this store highly enough, Kilmarnock's greatest hidden asset.

I asked the girls to fill out a few questions for me related to their shop and little hints we all could benefit from, have a snoop below!👇🏻

LMac- How long have both shop been open?

Teah and Shellie- Glasgow 3 and half Years age and Kilmarnock just before Christmas 2018.

LMac- Teah, what made you want to start your own clothing shop?

Teah- I always had an interest in fashion and helping woman feel good about themselves.

LMac- Is everything available online?

Teah and Shellie- About 75% of stock is available online.

LMac- How is it working as a family?

Teah and Shellie- HAAHAA... It's good today, both of us agree!🤣

LMac- Any favourite pieces?

Teah and Shellie- The now back jeans, the royal blue lace dress and snake print kimono dress.

LMac- Can you name 3 key pieces every girl needs in their closet?

Teah and Shellie- 1. A black dress, one you feel fabulous in! 2. Jeans with good stretch so they fit snuggly. (*ALL OUR JEANS HAVE GREAT STRETCH). 3. A blazer in your favourite colour so you can wear it no matter the season. 💋

How was my experience modelling, emm in a word 'Awkward'!  It was fun to see some of the pictures however nothing brings up body insecurities quite like someone taking loads of pictures of you from angles you haven't pre-approved!  A selfie is so much more easier, I am in control of the light, angle, pout and let's be honest, filter! 💁🏼‍♀️  However I was lucky enough the girl's taking the photos were lovely and very instructive to help me look my best.  Teah was excellent and taught me how best to stand so I looked at my most flattering so I'll be using those tricks going forward for sure.  Body issues and confidence have always been something I have played down in my life, pretended they didn't exist but they have and do.  The older I get though the more comfortable in my own skin I become and I realise I can't be anyone but me, I'm no Gigi Hadid but you know what she's no Laura Mac either!  Girls let's love who we are because you know what, no matter what dress size we wear, or how we pout we are all unique and sparkle in our own lovely way.  If we believe we are beautiful then everyone else will see us as that as well, wear confidence like the best accessory you own.  

Thanks Rule 42, I had a blast! LMac 💋




Photo Credits Chatterblogg

Photo Credits Rule 42 Website

LIfe and Fashion

I would say I have 3 true passions in my life, these consist of Jace my sweet, lovable however still a boy so annoying on occasions dog, Music and FASHION!   The latter really is something that has evolved throughout my life and what I mean by that is my style and confidence has changed since I started picking my own clothes not the ones laid out for me all ‘mumsy’ smelling and ironed at the bottom of my bed.  Speaking of which, let's take this back to the catwalk start and the times our parents tragically picked our clothes.  If you were one of the unlucky ones, like myself, you get the blackmail family album where I look like my great Nana's old carpet in material where if a naked flame was within a 100 metres I would go up like the 5th of November!

See below as all the proof you need!👀


Blackmail Album Photo Credits: Mac Family Album

These were tough times however how was I to know I looked so bad?  I was brought up to believe the 'Sale' end of the catalogue was where all the 'trendy' people shopped.  What can I say, my mum was convincing.  However time moves on and through my early teens I was never out of a tracksuit (no, not because I was from Glasgow) as I was training 6 days a week, twice a day sometimes for athletics.  Trust me I still knew nothing about fashion, at this point, le coq sportif was my best mate and Lycra running gear was a permanent fixture on my body and I challenge anyone to look good in Lycra.  I may have been running fast however it was away from any kind of fashion sense at all!

Then I discovered make up, my booty and of course my questionable sized chest and soon I realised that with the right clothes I had the potential to look less like a boy and more like an average looking girl.  This is where I started to find a style of my own.

You remember that song "It started with a Kiss..." by Hot Chocolate?  Well for me it started with a collar, yes a simple collar.  It was a non school uniform day at school and I had been wanting a denim jacket for ages, after coaxing the money from my mum I cat walked into New Look and bought myself one.  I loved it and was so excited to wear it to school and for once be 'on trend' not a catalogue cast off!  However me being me I wanted to be different so I put my collar up... GASP!!!  Now this may not sound very exciting (I'm sensing an anti climax) however at this time no one was wearing the collar up, it was very 90s early naughties it was all crop tops, bootleg jeans and the horrendous thong eating its ways above your low slung waistband.  My goodness when I think back... Not good!  Anyway, my nana always lived by the mantra not to be one of the 'sheep' so with this mentality I sashayed into school with my collar up! Literally for the entire day people were trying to put it down, not in a bad way but in a 'she's a little bit special, someone look after her kind of way!'  However months later everyone was wearing their  collar up, it was 'cool' to wear it like that, what can I say,  clearly a trendsetter!  I have to be honest I love a statement collar on any jacket, coat or top we don't use the collar enough in my opinion.

Now years on and a magazine load of ‘Fashion Disaster’ articles later I feel I have my own vibe going on and more importantly the confidence to embrace it!

Life and Fashion

Photo Credits Chatterblogg

I believe what's in season is important but not decisive in how you should dress.  For instance I have footballers thighs (blame my athletics) so I tend to stay away from mini skirts and I wouldnt say I have the most toned arms so I love a Bordeaux style top covering the tops of my arms however showing off my neckline which I feel is really flattering.  There is nothing worse than when you see someone wearing the 'in' thing and it's completely wrong for there shape, I literally want to run up to them, re-style them in something I know will rock there shape better and more importantly make them feel as gorgeous as possible. 

My belief is true fashion never goes out of style.  Have key pieces that you can wear with anything and you know no matter where you are or who your with you'll have a WOW piece. I have a few of these.

Firstly the staple Leather jacket.  I honestly think I have upwards of 12 leather or leather effect jackets all different styles and colours and I live in them, I'd sleep in them if it wasn't so ... leathery!  You can wear a leather jacket in any season, whether it be winter with chunky cowel neck knit and your favourite leather jacket or a cute flowery, floaty, festival vibed dress with cute pointy show boots and staple leather jacket for that summer feeling, the leather jacket is a must!


Leather Jacket Love

Photo Credits Chatterblogg

Next must-have is an oversized denim shirt, or what I like to call an 'MIC Caggie Dunlop'.  The girl has style and she always looked so effortlessly beautiful with her minimal make up, hair tossled and denim shirt, in the early days of my favourite TV show and since then I have embraced her flawless laid back style and I just adore this look.  This piece is great for layering, flinging on to run to the shops or in summer wear as a dress with a pair of converse.  I love it for just pottering about in my garden and if anyone saw me in this casual wardrobe staple piece I'd feel effortlessly cool and fashionable.

Shoes, shoes, glorious shoes!  I do not care what anyone says gorgeous shoes NEVER go out of fashion and should be treasured like your off spring, nurtured, doted on, cleaned and admired day and night... Hey, I say tuck them in at night to! No judgment!  I have many pairs of shoes that will make a special appearance when their moment and occasion is right as truly shoes can make or break an outfit.  This is a key rule for me, I may be wearing a killer hot dress with the sexiest of accessories, hair on-fleek and make up on-point however if I make the monumental mistake and add the wrong pair of shoes my outfit will loose any kind of fashion victory as quick as the 5 minutes of fame the 'Trainer Wedges' has.  I'm proud to say I did not invest! #Charity shop Donation.... NOW! Some would say clear out those shoes and keep it to a few favourites, to which yes it will make it easier to choose when in a rush and yes it's less to tuck in at night.  However I disagree, I say just buy a bigger house to store them... and the beds!🤣

Vintage clothes is in my old soul, it’s my staple look!  No one wants to attend a party looking like everyone else there so why not be unique and wear a piece or piece's of vintage fashion?  If you have a good eye and shop around you can pick-up really good pieces in local charity shops for next to nothing and you'll invest in a timeless piece that little to no one else will have.  I have so many pieces of vintage clothes, from tops with patterns that are so psycadellic they will make your heart scream to great pieces of denim such as 90s jeans to 80s denim jackets!  You just can't beat a bit of vintage to to add that ‘he ne sais quoi’ to your outfit.  I remember when I was younger my mum would drag me around charity shops and the shame would be monumental when one of your pals at school asked where did you get that jacket and you'd have to think fast of a more glamorous retailer than your local Oxfam. (Other charity retailers are available)  However now that I've ... Emm... Matured... I love to brag about my great bargain purchases and like nothing better than to flaunt the fact my outfits are not only penny saving but promote the benefits to recycling and supporting charities and how far better that is than shopping in these big retail outlets.   Everyone is a fashion winner.  I mean , otherwise you just end up looking like something off a production line, who wants that??  Not me!

Vintage Shop Steal Photo Credits Chatterblogg

Next wardrobe must have is the LBD (Little Black Dress) or how I've relabelled it LACD (Little Any Colour Dress).  This is timeless and will always be a wardrobe must have whether it's the impromptu night out with the girls or your Friday night date.  This dress no matter whether it's a 'fat day' or not as soon as you slink your body into it, within seconds you feel ready to paint the town... well any colour dependent on the dress!  Doesn't have to be black, I think it's the slimming power of the colour black that allowed that label to solidify throughout the decades however loads of colours are slimming and with the right cut and design the right dress can be the wardrobe must have for you! Find it and treasure it!

How I dress and how I feel are for me very much inter linked and I use fashion as a means of expression sub consciously and consciously, I think a lot of us do.  I don't like to think I'm shallow however there is no doubt in mind I am vain when it comes to how I present myself and I don't think this is a bad thing.  Don't get me wrong I like nothing better than chilling in my slacks and watching boxsets but it's also nice to put a really unique and 'different' outfit together and go out and feel great!  I remember being voted 'least likely to ever get a fashion sense' for my 6th year year book because I was always just that little bit different. However, I was also voted 'Rear of the Year' so hey, you have to take the fashion 'Low' cut tops with the fashion 'High' heels!

LMac 💋


Positive Eating =  Positive Results

Trust me I was the worlds worst for eating rubbish, utter rubbish from microwave meals, to crisps, crabs, sweets and of course wine!!!! Ok so forgetting the wine I've really improved on the other 4!🤣  A girls needs her vino after all!😉

Hate to point out the obvious but every day we eat to survive so it stands to reason what we invest in our bodies will determine how we live and how well we live. The Laura of dietary 'pasta' never thought about healthy eating or calories however the Laura of dietary present (couldn't think of a witty equivalent) does and it's made such a difference to my life.

What triggered this new found enthusiasm and determination to stick to such a healthy eating regime ... break up binge eating, that's what! I would love to be one of those girls who has the envious 'break-up weight loss' but in typical unlucky Laura style I'm the opposite! I exist in my little sanctuary that's called home, cuddle Jace 🐶 and eat without care. Why? Who cares?! I mean I will never love again, men are evil, I will grow old with my dog and empty wine bottles as candle stick holders blah blah blah, you know the rest! 🤣🤣 Well, I choose not to be that girl- I choose to be even better than I was before! It's all part of the process and after I've suitably eaten and holiday'd my heart ache away I now need to get back to my healthy mind set and sexy size 8 (on a 'fat' day size 10)self! Ps. Size 10 is not fat obviously but have you seen the Instagram adds for Victoria Secret!?😱😱

So about a month and a half ago I started to prepare meals and really think about what I am now shovelling in my mouth and I've felt great for doing it! I understand if your reading this and thinking, 'oh another girl groaning on about healthy eating and having the perfect body' and I really don't want to be that 'girl' as I'm definitely neither however what I will say is I have felt more confident in my own skin and I've been jumping out my bed in the morning rather than dragging my lazy ass out of it. I have never been a girl to obsess about my weight as I am that person who can burn off food quite fast but trust me when you hit 30 it's as if your body goes into semi retirement and no longer has the fat burning spirit it once did. So if you can relate here are some pointers that have helped me turn a negative into a positive!

1.  Break the habit! When you are eating 'bad' it's hard to break the pattern as your body is craving carbs and stodgy foods. However for me this was the easiest and hardest thing to change. It was easy as I was finally ready to move on and make a change however it was tough as for the first week my stomach was expecting food that it didn't get. #alliwantisabigmac The big influence to make a difference to me was that the 'good' food I was eating was so darn tasty! 🤗 If I had been eating tasteless salads no way I would have stuck to it however I looked up recipes on line and fell in love with Joe Wicks food, AKA Body Coach, which I really enjoyed so it made the transition into a healthier 'MoJo' easy peasy lemon dressing squeaky.😍 See link:

2.  Are you actually hungry? I definitely replaced love/sex for food! 🤣 I had nothing else to do but sit around and who watches a movie without crisps? Cheese? Wine gums? Local take away? Oh and of course a glass of vino! My remedy.... fill my diary and GET OUT! Instead of sitting in every day off or night I filled my diary with doing stuff so I wasn't even thinking about food! I went walking, met with friends again, attended gigs that I love, started this blog... possibilities are endless! I would plan my day/week/Year... look to the future and imagine the possibilities!

3.  Bye Bye Carbs... it's been nice knowing you!  Ok, so maybe not completely cutting out carbs but definitely less than what I was eating before. I've found something new and amazing ... CousCous! It is a great replacement for potatoes and pasta which I was having every night. #pastaslut By replacing this into my diet and reducing the 'bad' carbs I am less bloated and lethargic and my tummy is nice and flat!!!! #SummerReady

4.  Be Organised!  When your just slumming about in your slacks eating rubbish and not doing much the thought of getting your ass off the couch to prepare a lunch for the next day does not fill you with much excitement. The difference for me is by eating better I am so much more organised and prepared therefore I'm raring to go! 😊 I used to buy pot noodles, Tesco meal deals even the occasional chippy I'm ashamed to say but now I prepare a lunch and I vary it to keep it interesting. I like to include, tuna, boiled eggs, salad, couscous (of course), smoked fish (although I sickened myself with this 🤢) tomatoes, peppers, grapes and loads more healthy options.  I also try and avoid dressings and have balsamic glaze instead, I really recommend this if your a fan of balsamic vinegar as it's lower in calories but still gives your salad a bit of flavour!😍 You can buy it in Morrison for a few pounds and lasts forever!

5.  Get out and open your Eyes and BREATHE! Yes it's great to eat healthy but what will you do with all that new found energy?! Get out... yes get those comfy trainers on, stick a jacket on and get out and breathe in the fresh air especially now Summer is almost upon us! My perfect place is walking through my local town, tunes in my ears, wind in my blown to bits hair and watching the world around me exist. I love it! No matter where you live they'll be beauty to see so go and see it!💋

I don't pretend to be a perfect healthy example for anyone to follow but who wants to be perfect?! Life would be boring as hell! I get tipsy with my friends, I love cheese and crackers and I'm the worst for portion size, I want my treats and I'm sorry I want my wine but I've learned it's all in moderation. Out side influences and well, life can affect your eating habits, mind set and general disposition, it's inevitable and they are all interconnected but by eating better and being pro active you will feel fabulous for it!


Gigs,  Friends and Selfies

Started off a regular Monday recording Off Grid Sounds Podcast when I got a text from Ben, the brains behind Off Grid Sounds asking if I’d be up for an exclusive interview with Nina Nisbett... Emm, does a bear poo poo in the woods.... Hell yeah!😍 However after exchanging a few emails with her management it appeared the interview slots were scheduled for when I was working so no catching up for a gossip with Nina for me! He did however stick me on the guest list so wasn’t a complete bust and also hinted to a surprise... he didn’t disappoint!😉

It was my first time at SWG3 and as our black taxi motored it’s way down the Clyde side it really did derive scenes from  an episode of Taggart hopefully my pal and I weren’t going meet a similar grizzly end. I was waiting for Alex Norton (my era) to quote the infamous “There’s been a murder” in those recognisable Glesga tones, fortunately that didn’t happen and we arrived at the ‘warehouse’ looking venue just as Nina took to the stage.

As for SWG3 as the new hot venue for the West Coast I have to say it reminded me of a place you go for invite only raves, where everyone looses inhibitions and can hide away from the rest of the city, secretive and unassuming. Inside I loved it, really atmospheric, almost like being underground in a subway tunnel which was ideal for sound and atmosphere.

Although for me Nina Nisbett would sound brilliant anywhere. What can I say about this woman, she has literally pulled me from the depths of my last broken heart. 💔 From ‘Peroxide’ to ‘The Sun will come up, the seasons will change’ albums I have fallen in love with her raw talent and ability to translate emotion into words. I can see why she is so popular and a growing artist in the UK today as her stage performance is that of an experienced artist with a unique ability to connect with her audience on an individual level. Between each track she explained her thinking behind writing it, so when she sang the song we all could empathise even more. At one point she asked who knows a “F*ck Witt Guy” to which unsurprisingly many females screamed “YES”!  I was thinking “F*ck Witt Guy” , I know a entire football team of them love!🙄  This of course was her thinking behind “Physcopath”, one of my favourite tracks. It was also really interesting how she talked about loosing her way with her music and having to find herself again which I completely understand as in just her teens she was touring with Ed Sheeran, supporting Justin Bieber, Lewis Capaldi and many others, it’s no surprise there must have been a point where she needed to stop and really think about her direction.  She said that’s what ignited her to write ”The sun will come up, the seasons will change’ the title track of the superb album. Thankfully she did and this newest release is a refined and mature Nina Nisbett, illustrating her amazing talent at empathising with situations and human emotion then creating amazing sounds. Nearing the end of the concert you felt you had lived her life with her and my friend turned to me and said “She’s had a worse dating life than you!” Always good to know someone as talented and beautiful as Nina struggles like the rest of us girls! 😉

Nina Nisbett 2019 UK Tour SWG3

Nina Nisbett 2019 UK Tour SWG3
Video Credits Chatterblogg

Just when you thought the night couldn't get any better it went nuclear! The surprise and special moment her manager had hinted to me about was in the shape of the hottest property in music right now, Mr Lewis Capaldi. As Nina started performing her penultimate track, "Someone you loved" I got an overwhelming excitement of who the special guest was actually going to be but surely not? Surely not this late in the performance?!  However for once I was glad to be wrong and out strolls Lewis freaking Capaldi, what a 3 and half minutes it was!! The 1000+ fans partying in this venue went into histeria as Capaldi's authentic and deep tones joined Nina up on stage and they duetted the hit track 'Someone you loved'.  It's a moment I won't forget in it's rarity and obvious friendship and respect both artist clearly hold for each other.  It was vivid for us all to see and really was a 'you just had to have been there' kind of moment.

I recommend no matter what your music taste there will be a special place in your heart for this Scottish Sweetheart.💜

Nina Nisbett and Lewis Capaldi SWG3

Nina Nisbett 2019 UK Tour SWG3 with Lewis Capaldi
Video Credits Chatterblogg

Still on a ‘Music High’ I made my way to Nice and Sleazy with my gig buddy and fellow podcast presenter Ronnie. We had been excited for this gig for weeks as we had reviewed a few of the artists on the podcast and couldn't wait to see if they lived up to expectations LIVE.  As we made our way downstairs of the infamous Glasgow venue, wine in hand of course, I could hear the sweet sounds of Katie Palmer immediately enticing me to make my way to the front of the crowd.  I think the thing about this little ray of musical sunshine is her obvious talent and that her music has a genuineness and unpretentious youthfulness all of us 'old ones' wish we still had. Katie had a quiet confidence and charm whilst performing and I felt myself relax as I listened to her set. If you had to 'categorise' her, I remember saying to Ronnie she has an early Taylo Swift vibe and with the right guidance navigating her way though her late teens and early twenties she has a wealth of potential. I'd keep an eye on this girl as I tip her for big things in the next few years.👏🏻

Katie Palmer performance at Nice and Sleazy

Video Credits Chatterblogg

The great thing about attending gigs such as this isn't always the great music I am lucky enough to experience but also meeting the artists and other people with similar musical interests such as myself. One person that lived up to expectation in the flesh was the fun and charming artist of Fallen Arches, Colin Bell. Through social media we had interacted sporadically and I had heard so much about him, to be honest I felt like I already knew him, however I was so surprised how genuinely lovely he was. He bounced up to Ronnie and myself and conversation just flowed it was not long before I realised this talented lad really has it all, personality, passion and spirit. His set was brilliant, I was really impressed how he created such an atmosphere with just him and his guitar, completely authentic the type of music you could listen to no matter what your mood. When I was chatting to him I was surprised to learn he got really nervous and anxious before shows, completely the opposite from my initial interpretation of him as for me he oozes confidence and boldness on and off the stage. You won't be able to help yourself falling in love with Fallen Arches, from his talented writing to his natural boyish charm I recommend buying a ticket to his next gig, I know I will!👌🏻

Fallen Arches Performance at Nice and Sleazy

Video Credits Chatterblogg

Colin Bell of Fallen Arches

Reaching the end of my music marathon myself and Ronnie were blown away by the class act of Derek J Martin. In all honesty I only heard about this guy in the last couple of months, a friend of Ronnies who he would endorse as not only an amazing singer/song writer but just a genuinely lovely guy and that he was. On first meeting him he was very unassuming, another one in the busy Nice and Sleazy crowd, much like Ronnie and myself however on stage he was frighteningly brilliant. If ever evidence of someone who comes alive on stage should be proven, Derek J Martin is all the evidence you need. His voice is outstanding and his musicality is even better, as he broke into 'Dreaming out Loud' his latest single the crowd joined him in song and Sleazy’s was electric. I later found out it was the first time he had performed with his band which surprised me as they all fused together with musical perfection and hating to sound cliche, was like they had been together for years!  His sound is BIG, for me I'd liken him to U2 and Simple Minds to give you an idea of his music but really he's an anthem singer/song writer. If you are lucky enough to catch this guy in concert I challenge you not get off your seat and join him in song, wine or no wine! 😉 This guy may have came from nowhere but I reckon he's going some where, watch this space!

What a great week of LIVE music that was all really varied and inspiring in its own way. It really has been a week of Gigs, Friends and Selfies!✌🏻

Derek J Martin Performance at Nice and Sleazy

Video Credits Chatterblogg

Wedding for One

Wedding Pics


I love a wedding!!! I really do, from the oh so important wedding dress, to the venue, to the speeches and of course the men in kilts isn’t bad either!😉 But most of all I adore that it’s 2 people declaring their love for each other in front of everyone they care about and that was exactly the case when my best friend of 15 years married her perfect person! 💜

Really was a stunning day at the Lochside Hotel and spa, the venue they chose to say their vows, it was also my first time there and it didn’t disappoint. I thought I would treat myself and get a room as it is quite a distance from home and I was lucky enough to end up with a garden suite which was probably as big as my flat. I definitely recommend a stay!

I arrived looking like something from last of the summer wine, all rollers and no make up thinking I could make a quick play for my room. However I arrived to the manager telling me my room wasn’t ready yet! 😨 I don’t know what was worse the fact my ‘getting ready time’ was slimming by the second or I was standing in front of a rather good looking man looking like Nora batty with a shiny face!😨😨😩 Anyway they were really pleasant about it all and within half hour I was in my room and glam over began. 

I must say although I couldn't have been happier for my friend I really was dreading this wedding because I was going solo... single... alone.... lost in the dessert no one for miles solo! 😱Generally I would say I'm a pretty confident person but even I was tested with this one. The entire thing wasn't helped when I sat at the wrong side in the ceremony which made me look like some sad ex of the groom waiting patiently for "Does anyone object to these 2 marrying?" To which a rom com inspired scene would then en sue. However in classic Laura style I hitched on to a lovely group of people and had a wonderful day.

In terms of Lochside I have to rate it a 10. Often at weddings you expect the food to be average and service no better when such a massive party are being catered for but it exceeded all my expectations and the 4 course meal was delicious. Service was just as good and they really couldn't have done enough for the guests and the wedding party. I think something that sold it to me was the location of the Lochside Hotel, it has such wonderful connotations of bliss country side and Scottish charm and it was all of that with a bed big enough you could starfish in and still not touch the sides! Ps. Yes I did do that!🤣

So a massive congrats to my bestie and her beloved and a pat on the back to me for ‘rolling’ up solo, I must be ’batty’!😉

Garden Therapy

I understand I dont speak for everyone when I say this but I really do find gardening therapeutic!! I get hooked on it same time every year... and then of course give up with it around October as it all whilts and dies around me!😬  Ok i admit it, I’m a Glory Gardener, I only like it when they are winning!🤷‍♀️  However its all change this year as I am determined to put the work in all year round!  She says...😏

Anyway, as its the thing occupying most of my time at the moment, no judgement 😉, its only right its the topic of my first little blog! 

I live in a small flat that literally has an alley/lane/walled enclosure/little self created oasis as a back garden area and if I can make that look pretty on a budget then anything is possible.   I love recycling and upcycling stuff for the garden, you can get away with so much more outside with just a little bit of imagination!  💬  I had an old mirror that came to a smashing end as it literally just fell from the wall!!!  Scary ... YES, espcially when I have a little westie who used to love to nap underneath it! 😱  Dont worry though, one westie great escape and another 4 years bad luck to be endured by me, I decided to guilt trip the dad into helping me screw it into the wall as a feature and it always gets compliments!😀 See pic!

My favourite plant has to be my olive tree.  I got it 4 years ago for a couple of pounds as it was looking rather sad in a local supermarket, nursed it back to health and now for the first time I can see small but definite olives growing!😍😍😍 Thats a cost effective trick as well, I tend to buy plants reduced, as little as a few pence and with a little care they survive!  Its often just because they havent been cared for in the shop but with water and some plant feed, within days its all pretty again!😍  Dont be scared of a challenge... especially if your tight like me!🤣

One thing I am bad at is giving up!!!  I hate to give up on most things but especially my plants.  Sometimes you just have to accept they have seen there best and CUT BACK!  If I had done this last year I’d have so many more plants springing into life again.  So if its gone be brave, cut back and keep an eye on it!👀

Another little up-cycle example is my nanas old delapadated bird bath.  It took residence at the back of her garden, and I can assure you no birds fancied drinking out of that (even birds have standards) So I had a eureka moment and thought it would be cool to pot some flowers, viola fo be precise, so i did and it looks good!😎 See pic! 

I’d say get out into whatever space you have and make it a place of sanctuary this summer and really enjoy being outside and getting some sun on your beautiful face!  You will feel blooming marvellous just like your plants! 




Hi 👋🏻

This will be fun! 

I can’t promise I’m going to change  your world with intelligent ideas or any kind of common sense however I’d say I’m kind of fun 🤷‍♀️ and I love to chat so why not start a blog... There you go, I do have common sense!😂

Just a single girl from the city that now lives in a  small town with my little dog Jace. 🐶  Cue many pics of him to follow! 👀  

In terms of what you can expect plenty of fashions pictures, I’m a vintage girl at heart! 💜  You will rarely see me without my earphones wedged in my ears so plenty of music and gig chat, my random and often 'different' views on certain events and light hearted and fun conversation!

So thats me I guess, you probably know me as well as I know myself after 32 years now!